Our Purpose

We are a manufacturing shop located in Palmdale, CA
that specializes in machining metals like Beryllium, Albemet,
Titanium, Magnesium, Stainless Steel and more
to make your prototyping projects come to life.

  • Ipsum
  • Ipsum
  • Dolor


Upon an approved quote and receiving of the material, your prototype moves to the engineering department, where all the planning and machine programming is done.


This is where you see the job get done, the material gets set up and machined to your custom needs in the manufacturing department.


We count with a wide variety of tools to ensure high precision and quality. We have CMM inspection, mikrokators, digital analog gage (.00005 in), secondary gages, indicator lights an optical comparator and more.

How it's done

The greatest projects don't come to life in one single step,
that's why we count with different processes in the Manufacturing
and the Inspection departments to ensure they do.

  • Turning

    Our lathe department can work both manual and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turning with a precision of up to .0001 inches.

  • Milling

    We can operate in 3, 4 and 5 axis with our milling CNC machines to create the most complex precision parts and prototypes.

  • Honing

    Honing is used to improve the geometric form of a surface and also to improve the surface texture. We can acheive precision up to .00005 inches.

  • Lapping

    Lapping is used to ensure flatness and parallelism by rubbing two surfaces with an abrasive between them. We can lap with a precision of .00005 inches.

  • Wire EDM

    Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) or spark machining uses electricity to cut through metal and get to those hard to reach places without even touching the material.

  • CMM Inspection

    We use a coordinate measuring machine to measure the geometrical characteristics of the end product. Our CMM machine can measure up to .00005 inches.

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